In four weeks time I’ll be heading off on a great journey: 6 months abroad, totally alone in another hemisphere, where I know almost nothing and almost nobody. And as a loafing, Generation Y guy who lives at home, and doesn’t cook or clean much of anything, this is a pretty big deal. There are going to be some massive changes.

Personally I love change, even though it frightens me. A little fear is good sometimes. It annoys me the way most people try to resist change, even in its simplest, most inoffensive forms. I guess it’s just easier sometimes to cling to a comfortable past, even if that past isn’t relevant anymore. I guess I’ve been guilty of this at times, but no body’s perfect. I think coping with change is the greatest thing you can ever do. Anyone who wants to fight the signs of aging should be big on change. It seems like the older people get, the harder it is to deal with it. I guess that’s why I get so annoyed when my parents get me to help them with the computer, or other simple tasks that your average supermarket employee could perform. Nobody should give up on learning something new. No-one should get stuck in their ways. And my parents shouldn’t act like oldies when they’re still in their 40s.

I feel sometimes like I need to go to the extremes of change. I struggle with myself constantly. I want to break every expectation I’ve ever had. I want to challenge everything I’ve ever believed. It’s the only way I can live with myself. I can’t rest until I’ve looked at everything, I can’t know myself until I’ve pushed me to all my limits.

I love change.

If the stubborn, changeless types ran the world it would be awful. Governments would never get anything done. Fax machines would rule the world. Beck would remake Odelay over and over and over again.


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