Strange feelings I am having

Life has been strange since uni ended. I feel like I’m in stasis. Neither here nor there. Time is passing, but nothing is really happening. Everyone else dances around me while I’m fixed to the floor in the centre of the room. It’s comfortable, and fun most of the time, but nothing is really going anywhere. I’m just waiting to go on my travels. But in the lead up to my exodus from Perth I feel even stranger.

I’m filled with this strange nostalgia. I have all these loving feelings for the people around me. I guess these are the sorts of feelings one normally gets in their last few days of uni or school when they are about to end a chapter and start a new one, but I’ve never felt them before. I couldn’t wait to leave the crazed zealotry of my high school, and I cruised through uni with about as much emotional investment as you find in a basic Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.

So it’s all new to me. I go to work and I feel like giving Jen a big hug. I feel like kissing Maria on the forehead. I feel like staying up all night talking to Kayleen. I have strange and symbolic dreams about James and Todd. I want to fondle Ben gently under the starlight. I’m going to miss that place.

Haha, I must be crazy.

But I will miss it. There were a lot of dreadful times and pathetic fights, and bickering, and all kinds of injustices, but in the end I can’t help but feel that there aren’t too many jobs I’ll get in the future that will have me working alongside such cool young people, and hilarious old crazies. I’m pretty grateful to have worked at IGA and to have lasted so long. It’s weird to think of the friends and workmates who have fallen on the wayside and been fired or asked to move on. I’m glad I can leave on my own terms.


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