Let’s do the time warp again.

Today the weather has been miserable. Light rain, high humidity. My hair is all messed up and after venturing out a few times I’m sweaty and smelly. So I’ve spent a lot of today on the couch, reading, working on the Sudoku book Paige gave me (that thing is driving me nuts) and trying and failing to write anything decent for my current story (I’ve never had so many ideas in my life! But more planning is necessary.)

In my comings and goings from the Bourbon House, the same few people have been sitting around doing whatever they do in the common room. The tv has been on all day on this one channel that seems to repeat the same episodes of CSI over and over and over again. I saw them all at least twice throughout the course of the day. And even though I’m ensconced in my book or whatever, I feel the repetitiveness of it driving a little teensy tiny wedge of insanity into my brain.

I was getting irritated. Antsy. I wanted to change the channel but for some reason I didn’t. But what was really getting to me was that the other people in the room, who had been there as long, if not longer than I, didn’t seem to notice at all that they were watching the same 3 episodes again and again. They reacted as normal people do when watching something for the first time.

Is everyone that inattentive? Or have I simply lost my marbles?

Maybe I need more sleep. My current lifestyle involves staying up all night talking about what’s wrong with the world with a New Yorker and an Irishman, getting up before 11 to get my free pancakes, and going back to bed until I can be bothered moving.

Free breakfast is the greatest luxury of the modern world.


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