Materialism is a funny thing.

The ground shakes as the fat Hawaiian guy begins his arduous climb to the summit of Mount Bunkbed. On the bottom bunk, I look around me in fear wondering which of the beds four corners will be the first to buckle. Somehow, by some divine will, I am still alive as he manages to hurl himself into his bunk. He shuffles around to get comfortable. This shakes me so hard from side to side I feel like I’m in a hammock. Surely now is the time I’m going to die. I survived one night and then two. Surely tonight the bed will give in. This could be it.

And though every night I sit and wonder if my own death is imminent, it’s not this that concerns me all that much. Becoming a pancake wouldn’t be great, but all that’s on my mind is the safety of the new Macbook Pro sitting next to me on the bed.

Materialism is a funny thing.


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