On Deutschland and moustaches.

Germany is the best. I’m buzzing. Everything is great. I’m walking the street and I see old people actually sporting Kaiser moustaches from another era! This is the greatest of joys I can imagine. At the crosswalks the people stop and stand there until the man goes green, irrespective of whether there are cars coming or not. I’m not used to that level of obediance, so I must stand out. I just cross the street when it’s safe like in most countries. When I do that though nobody follows me. They wait. It’s not like anywhere else.

Everything here is cheap and beautiful and wonderful. I went to the city’s most famous landmark: the giant Dom cathedral. Climbed right to the top of that thing, huffin’, puffin’ and hobbling up the 500ish stairs in the narrow, winding case. Wow, what a view. It’s gorgeous. The afternoon sun blazing a path over the Rhine and into the city streets.

In the space outside the Dom, a street performer was wandering around dressed as Charlie Chaplin, doing the schtick to try for tourist tips. It looked like the guy had gone to great lengths to get his moustache just that little bit longer than would be historically accurate. I guess that look isn’t as popular in Germany as it once was.

I walked back home to clear my camera. Ah, the joys of walking distance. Got back in no time and headed out again, checking out the Roman ruins that can be found throughout Köln. Found a space invader along the way. Then I went to EL-DE building: the former Gestapo prison. Wow. Real cells, real incriptions in the walls, the last pained thoughts of innocent inmates scratched in with anything from lipstick to fingernails.

This is what it’s all about.


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