Travel dreams

These days it seems there’s just two types of dreams that come to me late in the night. The first is I’m walking endlessly through the streets of the city I’m in, just walking and walking. Searching maybe. Tired. It goes on and on. Sometimes I get lost and panic, though that never happens to me in the waking realm. It’s all so vivid and real, like my mind photographed the streets and played them back to me. Often this dream happens on the first night at a new place, when I literally have only seen streets once. Sometimes when I wake up the next day I go to somewhere I’ve already navigated in my head that night.

It’s weird.

The other dream is that I’ve gone home. Not to stay. I just dream that I go home for a little while because I’m so tired. I dream that I’ve just stopped over in Perth on my way to the next location. Sometimes this stresses me out in the dream, like I’m calculating how much money and time I’ve lost flying all that way out just to return to Europe in a few days. Other times I don’t mind so much.

It’s really weird.


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