My Brother Brutally Tortures Me

Last week my brother and I were invited to a highly classified lecture on the military applications of genetic engineering. We sat in a large lecture hall full of scientists, politicians and military men. At the lectern, a young man in a white coat unveiled the newest and most deadly weapon: a genetically engineered velociraptor.

“We can make them in various sizes as the mission requires,” he said as he adjusted his glasses. “As you can see, this one is about the size of a domestic cat. They can be much larger or much, much smaller.”

Donning a pair of falconry gloves, the man carefully held the raptor aloft as it swiped its feet and writhed about. It was pale blue with a grapefruit-coloured scale pattern on its legs and the ridge of the spine. As if reading my thoughts the man said: “They also come in a variety of colours to blend with any environment. Any camouflage you could need. Of course this is only a demo model. If this little guy got away, we’d have no trouble finding him.”

A few chuckles went up around the room.

“As you can see, they are designed with slightly elongated legs but no ‘arms’ as it were. This allows us to attach various control devices to the raptor.” He strapped a black package around the creatures body and secured it. It immediately ceased to struggle in his arms. The man placed it on the floor and stepped back.  A collective gasp rang out.

The scientist smiled and produced a small controlling device. He demonstrated how the raptor would now follow all commands.

In the row next to us, a military official tightly smiled.

* * *

My brother and I walked back to the hotel, discussing the gloomy implications of such technology. We both felt drained. We soon said goodnight and went to our rooms. I was deeply disturbed by the events of the day. What madness had I just seen? What new horrors could science create? With such thoughts in mind I settled into an uneasy sleep.

During the night my brother broke into my room and placed a tiny genetically engineered velociraptor into my mouth while I slept.

I woke screaming. The raptor was inside me, ripping apart my gums and slashing the inside of my cheeks. I writhed in agony and spat blood screaming: “WHY ZAC? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? WHY, AFTER YOU’VE SEEN WHAT I’VE SEEN? WHY?”

He just stood there and laughed.


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