My Back Pages…

Hey there,

You may have noticed I’ve imported all my old posts from the original Magazine Theory on Blogger into this WordPress site. With my third America trip coming up in the next few weeks, I’ve been in a reflective mood and I started looking back over my old material.

This is something I rarely do; I’m not one who likes looking anywhere but forward.

Nevertheless, it’s been an interesting experience. It was nice reading through the posts and remembering the people I met, the places I saw, and the craziness that swirled around (and within) me.  I think I was hyper-aware of everything I was experiencing, with the kind of focus that comes from a prolonged period of solidarity. Reading them today I have to question my sanity at times. It seems my emotions swing wildly from post to post like a runaway mine-car hurtling through the dark. The highs were dizzying, the lows agonising, but the journey was its own reward.

I guess I wonder now how these things were interpreted by readers back then. Did I seem crazy? Did I do enough to share how it felt? I guess I’ll never know. I just hope that a tiny fraction of that awesome time showed through.

A few housekeeping matters about the old posts: I uncovered and corrected a cringe-worthy number of typos. I don’t know if I can ever forgive myself for that. Apart from those minor corrections and some re-categorising the posts to fit with this blog, I’ve left everything intact. It was no easy task to stop myself going into a perpetual loop of re-editing, but I want to preserve these word as if they were a historical document of my life. It’s interesting to look back and see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same (in writing and in life).

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll have some new material coming soon once I change hemispheres.



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