Being there, now

I visited Boston on my most recent trip to America, and having stood on the very streets where this awful event took place has made the horror of what happened all the more real to me. That being said, there have been a lot of inspirational stories that have come out of the aftermath. The kind of stories that help restore my faith in people. I really enjoyed this post. I’m glad to know the people of Boston are staying strong as a community.


Hoarded Ordinaries

Paper cranes

Shoes and teddy bears

Pray for Boston

NY [heart] Boston

These people tried to make life bad for the people of Boston

Flags and rosary

Flip flops and flowers

Flags and flowers

I will run in memory of Krystle, Martin, Lingzi, and all the victims

Four crosses

Spare change


Nashville believes


Paper chain

A sea of hats

One Boston, inscribed

Icons and artwork

We'll take the watch from here

The poisonous bomb sounded like it hurt many people

May the love of Jesus Christ be with you always

# 8 Martin Richard

Love wins

Click here for a complete photo set of images from the makeshift Boston Marathon memorial in Copley Square, or click here for my earlier post about (and pictures from) this year’s Boston Marathon.

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One thought on “Being there, now

  1. I’m glad you got to visit Boston while you were in the States; it’s naturally one of my favorite American cities. (I may, however, be biased.) News stories always seem “realer” when you’ve actually been to the place being reported. Maybe this is why well-traveled folks tend to have a more informed view of politics and world events.

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