Urinal Blues

In January I wrote a post about urinals – a humourous look at some bizarre and frustrating behaviours that people display in public restrooms. Little did I know how popular this post would become. You might see the link to on the left in the “Top Posts & Pages” box. This box is a handy widget which shows which posts had the most hits in the last 48 hours. The urinals post has been my most popular every single day since I posted it.

For those who aren’t bloggers, WordPress like most blog hosting sites, allows you to look at a variety of statistics about your on-site traffic. One handy feature lets you see how people have accessed your blog, such as from Facebook or Twitter or a Google search. If it’s a Google search it also shows what search terms viewers used.

So let’s have a look at some of the searches that have brought people to my blog:

  • urinal habits pee shy small dick
  • picture of guy peeing on another guy’s shoe at a urinal
  • looking at dicks at public urinals
  • how to sneak a peek at the urinal
  • peeing his pants waiting for urinal desperate
  • public restrooms for curious guys wanting to look at cock
  • urinal guy touches other guy
  • we ended up comparing our dicks at the urinal
  • how to peep on adjcent urinal to see the penis
  • are you supposed to see a person’s penis when you’re using a urinal?
  • i peek on my male men teacher at the urinal
  • urinal next to best friends dad

I find this quite disturbing. More alarming is the volume – on an average day I get about 10 hits like this. Sometimes I get a lot more. I always wanted to have a post that would generate more traffic to my humble blog, but not like this. Not like this.

The views come from all over the world too. It’s often said that a smile is the universal language, but now I’m becoming convinced the universal language is ogling the cock.

For awhile I hoped to come up with a better post that would gain attention from a more wholesome crowd, but then I remembered this was the internet. I will keep trying, but I’m resigned to the fact that this  post could be the pinnacle of my blog’s success: a disappointing pit-stop in the masturbatory googlings of lonely weirdos.

Well to those weirdos I say: “For shame, sir!”

It’s bad enough that you’ve been urinal peeking, it’s even worse now that I know it’s premeditated.


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