Social Media Burnout

facebook suicideDo you ever feel like you’ve had enough of social media? Are you ever tired of your Facebook or Twitter? Does the thought of looking at your feed exhaust you? These are the ways I’ve felt for the better part of a year now, and I’m still not sure what to do about it.

I miss talking to my friends! It’s a strange and disturbing phenomenon to go to lunch with a mate I haven’t seen in a while and find we have nothing to say to each other because we’ve read it all already. Or to run into an acquaintance who comments on something you’ve done recently that you wouldn’t expect them to know or care about. I for one don’t want to know everything that’s happening. Sure, it’s good to know the big events; weddings, babies, etc. Otherwise I’d rather not know. I want to have something to talk about when I see people. I want real interaction.

These days my feed is full of news and advertising. It’s stuff I could get on a news website. The difference is that news websites have the idiotic comments tucked away at the bottom for me to conveniently ignore, but on social media the dumb comments are front and centre. Never is this more clear than during an election, when all your friends morph into raving, crazed zealots.

I could also make the obvious point about how everyone posts about their every boring, mundane thoughts in a desperate attempt to seek attention and validation in their lives, and go on to declaim the foibles of generation Y, yadda yadda yadda. Instead I’ll simply say the stuff I read on social media, and indeed the things I have written on there in the past, are not appealing to me. I don’t like to read it. I don’t like to share my own thoughts that way. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There’s something particularly bothersome about the showiness of it all.

A friend of mine, let’s just call him ‘Danny’, decided to deactivate his Facebook earlier in the year. At first he worried about doing it. Would he miss out on gathering and news from his friends? If he met someone new, would they be disgusted with his lack of Facebook? Would society shun him? The answer is no. He is loving the Facebook free life. He feels glad to not be wasting time on it.

The story of ‘Danny’ fills me with hope. I wish I too had the courage to give it all up. Unfortunately I haven’t so far. There’s really only two things holding me back: keeping in touch with overseas friends, and using it to promote this blog. Yes, I understand the irony here. I’m in too deep…


One thought on “Social Media Burnout

  1. Many people are bored with social media. Few years back peoples craziness about social media made an impression like it is more important than an individuals national identity card, as if one must have a social network account to live on earth. During this time multiple such websites boomed too. But with time its attraction seems to have faded a bit. I think this happened because of clogging of these websites due to huge amount of promotional stuff and fake accounts.

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